Switched Power Supply

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A traditional switched power supply which uses established PSU technology to provide a smoothed power supply suitable for all laboratory applications which require a rugged source of emf at either AC or DC.

An internal mechanism disconnects the output when the voltage setting is changed ensuring that the switch contacts are protected from overload and the unit can be locked at any setting by means of an Allen screw located on the front panel.

Over current protection is by means of a front panel thermal trip.

As with all Revolution Power Supplies the unit is housed in a robust powder coated case with integral carrying handle and is sized such that 4 can be carried in a single storage tray.

Product code: S100-907

Switched INPUT: 230/240V a.c. 50Hz
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 0 to 12V d.c. in 2V increments capacitor smoothed.
0 to 12V a.c. in 2V increments
OUTPUT CURRENT: 5A max 4A continuous
VOLTAGE LIMITER: Front panel Allen key insert
CURRENT PROTECTION: Thermal circuit breaker. Manual reset